What Can Beauty School Teach You?

The beauty industry helps countless men and women look and feel their best. People with an interest in aspects of beauty and wellness, such as skincare, haircare, and nail care, can turn their passion into a career with the help of a solid education. Beauty schools teach aspiring nail technicians, hair stylists, and estheticians how to perform a range of different services. Here are some areas of the beauty industry that you will learn about in beauty school: 

1. Health And Safety

Health and safety must be the primary concerns of any esthetician. Whether you're dying a client's hair or rejuvenating their skin with a facial, it's important to use beauty products safely. Beauty schools can educate students on the correct way to use hair dyes, facials, hot wax, and other common beauty products. You will learn how to do patch tests on your clients to guard against allergic reactions. You'll also learn the appropriate way to neutralize acids and chemicals so they can be used safely on your clients.

2. Brands And Materials

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. New breakthroughs in skincare and haircare technology give estheticians access to an ever-wider variety of beauty products. Beauty school can teach you about the different brands and products currently on the market. You'll learn how to choose the right products for each individual client. You'll also learn how to conduct your own research so you can stay up to date on new developments in your industry after you graduate from school.

3. Skincare

Skincare is one facet of the cosmetic industry that focuses on health as well as beauty. Beauty school can teach you about the different types of skin, such as dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. You'll learn the right ways to treat each of these skin types to help your clients manage concerns such as acne and wrinkles. You'll also learn how to perform more involved treatments, like laser facials and microdermabrasion. These skincare treatments can offer dramatic results that can please clients who are looking to completely rejuvenate their skin.

4. Nail Care

Finally, beauty schools can teach students how to succeed in the nail care industry. Students will learn how to perform manicures and pedicures to relax clients while treating their cuticles and nails. You'll also learn how to create popular forms of nail art, how to use gel nail polish, and how to apply fashionable nail accessories.

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